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Different Types of Business Cards Printing

Different Types of Business Cards Printing

At SJ Print we specialise in Business Card printing and offer various different types of business cards options for our customers. Whether you are looking for a folded business card option to turn into an appointment card, a mini business card for your social media handles or something more traditional with the fundamental business details on then SJ Printing’s comprehensive range of business cards will satisfy any need you have. If you are unsure of what you require or what type of business card would be the right fit for you, don’t hesitate to ask. One of our approachable and helpful team would be glad to assist and discuss your options with you.

There are various types of business card printing available as follows

Same Day Business Card Printing

Our same day luxury business card printing services are particularly handy if you have an event on or are just running low and looking to stock up in a hurry. Perfect for business trips, networking opportunities and to keep on your person just in case, these cards are worth their weight in gold for any business. Printed in full colour, on single or double-sided 350gsm ivory board these come with same day collection in Milton Keynes and guaranteed delivery within 48hrs if you are elsewhere. Orders are taken from a minimum of 50 cards, and orders must be received before 1pm for same day production, no matter which types of business cards you require.

Laminated / Foiled Finish

This type of business card starts from a minimum order of 100 all the way up to 1000 cards, you could have these matt, gloss or soft-touch within 5-7 days. Choose from single or double-sided and have them embossed with a choice of colours available to you. Printed in full colour, these cards have a duplex of up to 1200gsm and you will be thoroughly satisfied with the unique bespoke finish.

Available in silver, gold, rose gold, copper and more, we use only the best quality foils and paper to add an extra touch of class to your business cards. The first impression is often spoken of as so important; however, with these luxurious cards, it’s the lasting impression you will create for your potential business partners and customers who receive them from you.

Printed Thermographic

This cutting edge design creates a breath-taking 3D-Esque visual on your business cards. This stylish choice comes in a variety of colours, has double thickness duplex and is printed in full colour on both sides of the card. A choice of materials are available for your bespoke luxury card and it can all be turned around in just 5-7 days. These cards stand out and are no ordinary purchase providing you with instant impact on anyone they reach.


Achieve maximum effect on your target audience with the optimum classy finish of these letterpress business cards. With a vast range of material stock available and printed in spot colours on both sides of the card, these provide a dynamic edge to proceedings and certainly catch the eye. Orders from 100-1000 cards, the embossed letters provide subtle texture differentials and a unique outlook for this extraordinary type of card. These cards can be with you in 5-7 days and have a duplex between 600-1200gsm.

What Size Business Card?

Each customer will have different design requirements for their cards and we are appreciative of this by providing as many options in terms of style, feel and finish as we can at SJ Printing. Depending on the information you want to feature, your business card specifications will vary greatly to other companies. To find the right fit for you and the ideal card selection for your business marketing, see our selection of sizes below;

Standard/Premier/Recycled/Metallic/Kraft/Loyalty Card

Dimensions: 85mm x 55mm

Square Design

Dimensions: 55mm x 55mm

Mini Design

Dimensions: 25mm x 85mm

Folded Business Cards

Dimensions: short edge 170mm x 55mm, or long edge 110mm x 85mm

Why SJ Print MK For Unique Business Cards?

No matter if it’s single or double-sided, embossed, standard or mini, we strive for excellence and to provide customer satisfaction on every job. We are here to assist with great experience and expert opinion from within the industry. Our staff have been hands-on in this sector for many years and built up specialist skills and operative knowledge that can take your business card functionality to the next level and make it a powerful marketing tool within itself. All it takes is the right touch and we can provide that for you. Our work is credible and authentic, we have worked hard to build a reputable and established brand and it would be our pleasure to take on your next project and enhance your business credentials together.

For business card prices and orders please contact the contact form on our business cards page, or call us on 01908 508524.

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Different Types of Printing

Different Types of Printing

Common printing terms such as digital printing, screen printing, laser printing etc. are familiar to many people without actually knowing what they mean or involve. There are many different types of printing and functions, each with their own intricacies and specific purpose. Laser printers for home use are an example, as are professional print companies that mass produce marketing materials including business cards, wedding stationery, business stationery, funeral stationery, booklets or leaflets, using a variety of heavy-duty printing machines.

The Different Types Of Printing Services

Letterpress Printing

This is a technique of relief printing where multiple copies are produced. The process involves repeated direct impression of an inked, raised surface against continuous rolls or sheets of paper. The impression is created when the ink from the type is transferred and pressed into the paper after being firstly composed then locked into the bed/chase of a press.

The finished product will depend on the variety of printed matter that is produced but the completed sheets are taken to dry before finishing. For example, sheets for books are sent for bookbinding whereas newspapers are taken to a folding machine.

Lithographic Printing

Lithography uses the immiscible features of water and grease in a planographic printing process. The lithographic process differs for commercial printing (using a metal plate typically 0.30mm thick) or fine art-making (special press) where the flat printing surface holds a grease-treated image and has ink applied to it. Moisture is held within the blank areas which repel the lithographic ink.

Modern rotary offset pressing can produce high-quality lithographic printing at high speed resulting in finely detailed impressions. It is by far the leading publishing, printing and packaging process carried out today and can reproduce any material in the plate making process that can be photographed.

Hot Foiling

Hot foil printing is a straightforward mix of three key components; heat, pressure and the correct foil for the task at hand. Getting any of these elements wrong, will result in a poor low-quality print and a disappointing finish. Without realising, most people are in contact with hot foil every day. The leaflets advertising this, that and the other posted through your door, the hairbrush you used this morning, basic packaging and the covers of all your favourite glossy magazines all have encompassed hot foiling.

The process begins when a hot foil die is attached to the machine and warmed. The foil is then placed between the die and the substrate ready to be printed. Finally, with the application of pressure by pulling the handle of the machine to bring the two briefly together to adhere the foil to the substrate, you reach completion. The foil has an adhesive on the back as an extra measure which is activated by the heat to form a permanent bond to the substrate.


Techniques that result in a raised design on a surface can be described using the term, embossing. These are effective design features that are often created in a subtle form by paper crafters who use different techniques to achieve this effect on cardstock or paper.

Whichever technique is used, the embossed effect is relatively easy to achieve and is becoming increasingly popular. The end design can be significantly emphasised and advanced if desired by rubbing colourants like chalk or ink into the surface.

Modern Digital Print

Despite offset printing still producing results in marginally improved prints, digital methods are being transformed at an alarming rate to improve quality and reduce costs.

State of the art printing methods such as laser and ink-jet printing are known as digital printing. Digital printing consists of an image being sent directly to the printer using digital files such as PDFs and those from various graphics software leaders. This eliminates the need for printing plates, commonly used in offset printing, which can save both finances and precious time.

Final Printing Thoughts

To achieve any level of printing and make it unique to its counterparts it needs to contain productively differential features that set it apart. The end result is often very specific with individualistic specifications which we have explored in detail with the various different types in the above article.

At SJ Print we offer each of the above different printing types of printing to produce high-quality products for our customers, such as Business Cards & Stationery, Wedding Stationery, plus Christening & Funeral Stationery products. For more details, please contact us on 01908 508524.

Busines Cards

Busines Cards

Our new style business card. Soft touch laminate, Silver foil and duplexed for an extra thick card.