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Embossed Business Cards: Premium & Custom Quality Embossed Cards

Business cards are a form of marketing for your business, so it’s important that you make an impact. This is where embossed business cards can prove to be a very effective solution, ensuring your brand and business gets noticed. From high-quality paper to design and printing, they are will ensure you can network and showcase your business in the best possible way.

Customised Business Cards With an Embossed Finish

Giving your business cards a unique look and feel is simple with embossing. You can create a raised image which means that your logo and branding can stand out even more. With the right artwork and quality printing, you can create a business card that is visually appealing and smart. The embossed business card can be made with high-quality printing and colours, giving you the opportunity to create business cards that are modern or even standard with a slight twist.

Embossed Business Cards

Luxury Embossed Business Card

Embossed Business Cards

Unique Heavy Weight Duplexed Cards

Embossed Business Cards

Bespoke Business Cards in an Amazing Range of Colours

High-Quality  Embossed Printing and Design

The aim of having your business cards embossed is to leave a lasting impression on potential clients or customers. Therefore, we ensure that the print and  custom design of your card is first-class. We offer a range of paper styles, which means that you can select the quality you want while we also have a range of finishes such as matt and gloss while we also offer foiling.

Take Your Business Card to the Next Level

Embossing adds a unique element to any business cards and when you add in a foil finish too, it will give your business card something more. The aim of any business card is to maximise the effect you want to achieve and we can make that happen. We offer range of luxury business card printing options that will match your business requirements.

Embossed Business Cards

More About Our Embossed Business Cards

Embossing is the procedure by which the paper surface is pushed forward using an  embossing die to cause a raised image. Embossing is when an area of the page is  raised in relief.

The writing/image stands proud on the page, which in turn leaves an  inverted pattern on the reverse of the card as the die is pushed up and through the  back of the card. You may have heard the term “Blind Embossing” and this is when  there’s no print on the Embossed area.

You can Emboss over the top of a printed  area, but this can lead to registration and alignment issues if there’s even the slightest movement on the printing press or at the Embossing stage. If we are to  Emboss an area that’s already been printed then it’s best to call us first so we can  talk you through your artwork specification to maximise the effect you are wanting  to achieve.


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